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Using Bach Remedies for Weight Management

Pick the remedy you are going to use and place two drops in a small glass of water and sip at intervals throughout the day oruntil relief is obtained. Replenish as necessary. For long-term use, add two drops to a thirty ml dropper bottle, top up with spring (not distilled or filtered) water, and take four drops from this solution four times daily, or more frequently if necessary, until relief is obtained. Up to six or seven remedies may be taken together if required.

If your mood changes often, or if you are bingeing or yo-yo dieting, take one dose, but if you’ve been feeling balanced for some time, there is no set limit as to how long you can take your chosen remedy or remedies. You cannot overdose or hurt yourself from long-term use of the Bach Remedies.

Many of us fear change. Fitting into a new emotional skin can seem too difficult, too uncomfortable, or too risky to handle. You may feel that you can’t go back and you can’t move forward, and in this way you begin to lose hope and faith in ever breaking out of this cycle, and you may sink into despair and depression.
When you seem to have no willpower left and you begin to ask questions about whether or not this diet is worth it, Bach Remedies offer a way out of this negative type of thinking.

The remedies will help you to be honest about the reality of your life. They will help you to:
• Express your feelings
• Be honest with yourself about what makes you mad, glad, sad, etc.
• Release tension, anger, and sadness in healthy ways
• Strengthen your focus on healthy eating when you are angry about something
• If you are anxious and upset, even if there is no definable reason, the remedies can help you feel more emotionally balanced so that you do not eat the first thing within reach. The remedies can support you in dealing with rage without repressing it.

In order to use herbs and flower remedies effectively as part of your weight-management program, it is essential to integrate a stress-management program with your choice of remedies. In this way you will fill all of the emotional spaces you used to stuff with food with an understanding of the role that unresolved stress plays in overeating and weight issues.

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