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Remember, Life Is a School, Not Just a Playground

Remember, Life Is a School, Not Just a Playground
One of the things that people must know in order to be happy is that we are here on this planet to learn—life is a kind of boot camp. You can have a very full and happy life once you accept this fact. If you resist the idea, you may spend your life struggling to find constant happiness at the end of some imaginary rainbow.
Learn to Relax

Relaxing is a healthy pleasure in itself, and you need it to live life to the fullest. Simple ways to relax include meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise, daydreaming, taking a nap in the afternoon, getting a massage, making love with someone you care deeply about, reading a good book, and laughing.
Get Involved in Group Activities

By supporting other people you are, in a sense, helping them to go beyond the limitations of fear. In this way you learn about the importance of support in the process of self-actualization.
See a Therapist, Take a Workshop, Get a Coach
Learn new life skills by participating in human-potential and personal-development seminars or workshops. (Note: human potential and life-skill workshops should not be used in the place of a skilled counselor or psychotherapist for the treatment of emotional or mental health problems.)

Hornbeam: This Bach Remedy helps overweight individuals deal with feelings of being tired, fatigued, or unable to face the day—feelings that create laziness, lack of energy, and more eating problems.
Impatiens: This Bach Remedy relieves a sense of urgency or impatience with the slowness of others, impatience that may lead to frustration and may be acted out by excessive eating.
Larch: This Bach Remedy boosts confidence and relieves the fear of failure that often causes people to slip from their weight-management programs.

Dealing with Career-Based Stress

Actually, your goal is not to eliminate job stress, but to know when you’ve passed your stress maximum, then do something about it. If you’re overstressed and you feel that your job is making so much of a demand on you that you can’t handle it much longer, then it’s time to develop a personal stress-management plan.
1. Find an off-the-job activity that gives you time off from stress. Relaxation and quiet time can work, as well as
physical activity that allows you to release some of the tension you feel. Walking, jogging, tennis, and racquetball
are all inexpensive activities that can give you a minivacation from your job. Once you find an activity that
works well for you, make it a priority and commit yourself to one or two days a week at a specific time (or every day if you can manage it).
2. Identify personal habits that intensify stress. This can be hard is to do. Observe the ways in which you work. Are you a perfectionist, demanding too much of yourself and others? Do you rush through things that you might enjoy taking longer to do, whether it’s business or pleasure? Do you constantly worry about “what if” scenarios? Be aware of your feelings and note when you feel most tense.

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