Losing Weight with Nutritional Body Detoxification

Reducing Radioactive Toxicity with Herbs

Reducing Radioactive Toxicity with Herbs

As you design your herbal weight-management program, keep in mind that there are also herbs that are effective at cleansing the system of toxic metals and metabolic and other undesirables. The ingredients listed below are all available at your local health food.
Water: An overweight person needs more water than a thin person does since larger people have larger metabolic loads. Since we know that water is the key to fat metabolism, drinking water is essential to weight loss and maintaining good health during the stress of dieting.

Dieters should keep in mind that they normally receive a large portion of their daily water needs through their food, which can be 70 to 90 percent water. During dieting, the food intake is reduced and as a result, the person is not getting their normal supply of water, let alone the extra water they need to flush out the metabolic by-products. This results in a “hidden hunger” in dieters as the body is craving food—not for its calorie content, but for its water content.
or natural food store in tablet, capsule, or liquid forms. If available in powder or liquid form they may be taken by placing them in a blender filled with fresh apple or papaya juice or, if you wish, ginger or red-clover tea. Use them according to the directions.
Bee pollen, nutritional yeast, and chlorella (a type of micro algae): These are rich in nucleic acids, an important group of organic substances found especially in the nuclei of all living cells.
Nucleic acids are essential to life, and two of the most important nucleic acids, ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), are crucial to the transmission of hereditary patterns.

Pectin: Powerful detoxifying qualities, lowers cholesterol

Papaya enzyme: Helps digest some of the waste matter that may remain in the stomach

Sodium alginate: Absorbs toxins
Psyllium seed: Increases bile acid secretion and supplies bulk

Liquid chlorophyll: Increases mineral absorption and helps to reestablish health-building bacteria in the system
Beet-root powder: Helps loosen the mucous buildup from the colon walls
Bentonite: A natural clay that is well known among healers for its ability to absorb toxins
Flaxseed: High fiber and healing to the colon

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