Losing Weight with Nutritional Body Detoxification

Milk and Milk Products

The addition of dairy products will increase your protein quotient up from adequate to high. If you choose low-fat milk products over full-fat milk products, you will reduce the saturated fat you eat as well. Unfortunately, many people do not handle milk products well or have allergic reactions to them. The solution to this problem is to increase your intake of plant-based milk substitutes.
Plant-Based Milk Substitutes

Soy Milk: Back in the late 1960s when I began my own interest in herbs and holistic health, soy milk was a revelation for many people who wanted to avoid dairy products. Of course, soy has limitations of its own. Though I find it as desirable as cow’s milk, two of the nutritional limitations of soy milk are:
1. It is low in the calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D found in cow, sheep, or goat milk. The solution now is that there are a number of products available in health-food stores that are fortified with these nutrients.
2. Many people, as they do with cow milk, have allergic or sensitivity reactions to soy.
Potato-Based Milk Substitute: It may not sound all that exciting, but potato-based milk substitutes are great. Most have as much as 60 percent less fat than most soy milks and are free of hydrogenated oils. These products usually come in a powdered form that easily mixes with water. They are also rich in calcium.
Grain- and Nut-Based Milk Substitutes: There are many different non-dairy, milk-like beverages found around the world.
Horchata is a traditional Mexican-based rice beverage that you can find in Mexican restaurants. Amazake, a thick beverage, has been popular in Japan for hundreds of years, and is very popular among health-food store customers in the United States.
Amazake is prepared from brown rice that has been cooked, mixed with a special rice culture (koji) or special enzymes, and then incubated for six to ten hours. During this incubation period, the complex starches in the rice are broken down into sugars that are more easily digested. Amazake may have different flavors such as almond or carob added.
In the last few years many companies have begun producing a “rice-milk” product. This is really nothing more than an Amazakebased product, which is thinner and less sweet than the traditional variety. The good news is that this product is very similar to milk and can be used in many recipes that call for cow milk. Many supermarkets now carry almond-, rice-, oat-, and potato-based beverages. When these beverages are used, they produce a pleasant
tasting, low-fat, nutritionally balanced alternative to dairy.

Remember: to gradually support the detoxification process and lose excess pounds, you should gradually change from animal food such as meat, eggs, and cow milk to vegetable-based protein.
You will also reduce bad fats and increase good fats in your diet.
If you use cold-pressed vegetable oils (especially extra-virgin olive and canola), you will be supplying yourself with good essential fatty acids. If you avoid fried foods and broil, bake, or steam your food, you will avoid eating damaging oxygenated fats. And if you steam rather than boil, you will lose fewer nutrients.

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