Losing Weight with Nutritional Body Detoxification

Losing Weight with Nutritional Body Detoxification

We live in a highly polluted environment, and what we don’t see can hurt us. Even when we attempt to live a healthy lifestyle, we are bombarded by radioactivity, water and air pollutants, and chemicals and hidden fats in our food. Detoxification with herbs helps create a healthier environment for healthy weight management.
Plants are naturally cleansing and detoxifying for the body and mind. They help to neutralize the waste products of metabolism, purify the blood, and cleanse and help form tissue in the body.
Because of these favorable effects, herbs and spices (especially in combination with juicing) are particularly effective in helping a person lose unwanted pounds and achieve their ideal weight.

Often an overlooked component in weight-loss programs, detoxification is critical if the program is to be a success. Based on a combination of ancient Chinese herbs and Western detoxifying formulas, this chapter provides powerful detoxification and cleansing actions. Herbal body purification helps to carry the released toxins safely out of the body.

Asian herbs such as glucomannan, platycodon, schizonepeta, atracytlodes, tang-kuei, and Chinese peony have historically been used to reduce water retention, promote water metabolism (flushing), inhibit cholesterol absorption, remove toxins through the skin and through the digestive and excretory systems, tone the
skin and underlying tissues, promote healthy excretion, and promote lipid metabolism (fat burning).

Easily assimilated organic minerals, particularly calcium, silicon, and potassium, found in herbs and spices, help restore mineral and biochemical balance in cells and tissues. Mineral imbalances lead to diminished oxygenation, a cause for the disease and premature aging of cells.

Herbs and spices are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, and trace elements. (In juicing, almost 100 percent of the vital nutritive elements are directly assimilated into the bloodstream without putting a strain on the digestive system.)

Fresh herbs are extremely important for normalizing the acid-alkaline balance in the tissues and blood by providing an alkaline surplus. This is important because over-acidity is a contributing factor in disease development, and is present in most conditions of ill health.

Vitally important from a therapeutic point of view also are the various colors that herbs and vegetables come in—reds, greens, yellows, and even blues. These, in their variety of shades and intensities, influence digestive and assimilative processes, take part in the metabolism of proteins and cholesterol, and increase production of red blood corpuscles.

Everything in our environment has some radioactivity. The water, food, soil, and our bodies all contain trace amounts of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes. Most of these background radioactive particles dissolve in water. Since more than 90 percent of the human body is made of water, it is natural for our bodies to
contain these radioactive particles. Luckily, there is no long-term internal buildup of radioactive isotopes, since most of this radioactivity is quickly excreted. Smokers, however, are not so lucky.
Tobacco contains trace levels of radioactivity, some of which don’t wash out of the lungs. These radioactive particles accumulate there and bombard delicate lung tissue with low-level alpha radiation, the same kind of radiation emitted by plutonium.

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