Losing Weight with Living Juices

Juice Therapy

Start with the liquid you want to use. Some of the most popular are unsweetened apple juice, V-8 bottled juice (only if you cannot make fresh juice), tomato juice, and unsweetened papaya concentrate (from a health-food store).
You can also make your own nut and seed milks by blending them with distilled water.
1. Fill the blender about one-quarter full of juice or liquid.
2. Place a layer of something soft like cabbage pieces in the blender.
3. Add pieces of carrot, beet, and apple, and blend. To get it as smooth as possible, keep it thick.
4. When everything you want to add seems to be as smooth as possible, add a banana, flaxseed, some ice cubes, and also some pineapple juice if it’s getting too thick.
My Favorite Blended Drink Recipes
Pineapple/Vegetable Cocktail
8 oz. pineapple juice
1 large beet or 2 or 3 smaller ones, cut up
1 large carrot or several smaller ones, cut up
1 or 2 Jerusalem artichokes (sun chokes), pieces of celery, parsley, etc.
1 banana and ice cubes
20 drops Gymnema sylvestre/Garcinia cambogia liquid extract
Preparation Instructions:
Add liquid until the blender is one-fourth full and keep adding ingredients until the mixture is thick.

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