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Your Home Guide to Preparing Fresh Juices and Blended Drinks

Some individuals like the idea of juicing, but either do not own a juicer or do not want to lose the fiber that a juicer removes. For these individuals I recommend blended drinks. Blended drinks are rich in fiber, which make them more filling than juice alone.

Either is acceptable and can be used as a meal replacement of one meal a day if you are not fasting.
Preparing Fruits and Vegetables for the Blender Fruits and vegetables only need washing and cutting up. If organically grown, no peeling is necessary; however, if bought in a regular market, then washing and peeling is recommended. Celery will blend smoothly, including strings. If you are using hot broth, any vegetable or cooked beans or grains can be added.

To get the smoothest consistency in your blended drink:
1. Start the blender at about one-quarter to one-third full of liquid.
2. Cut the vegetables and fruits into chunks and add them slowly while the blender is on. (This might save you getting a chunk of something hard like a carrot stuck in the blades.)
3. Keep the mixture thick, adding more liquid as it thickens.
4. To increase the smooth consistency, you can add a banana or ice cubes or both. Ice also cools the drink and makes it more appetizing.
5. Pour into a serving pitcher and thin with juice to taste.
Get the Most Out of Your Blended Drinks
Add any of the following for a refreshing, nutrition-rich, bodypurifying beverage.
• Fresh vegetables of any kind, (carrots, celery, beets, cabbage, asparagus, etc.)
• Fresh fruits of any kind (bananas, apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, etc.)
• Rice beverage or soy milk

• A teaspoon of flaxseed
• Twenty drops Gymnema sylvestre/Garcinia cambogia liquid extract Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Breakfast Elixirs

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