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Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating

Once you develop the right attitude toward emotional well-being and stress, and have the key steps in place, it’s time to create a system for choosing foods that will satisfy you. If you are going to be successful in losing weight, you will have to become conscious of what and how you eat while allowing your body to adapt to the process.

Creating a successful program that satisfies your appetite and tastes while increasing your metabolism and reducing fat requires a number of specifics. Notice what time of day you enjoy eating most. Where do you like to eat? Do you enjoy cooking or would you prefer to eat out? Can you stop eating when you’re full? Are
you ever full?
What do you enjoy eating most? Are you attracted more to the taste of a food, the texture, or the aroma? What size portions do you prefer? Are you a gourmet eater or do you prefer simplicity?
Do you eat to live, or do you eat to feel love or to avoid feelings of sadness or loneliness? Do you throw discipline to the wind and eat high-fat junk foods at parties and during holiday celebrations?
Do you have an extra glass of wine or an extra dessert during romantic dinners?
Can you be satisfied with eating a basic whole-food diet? Do you know the difference between whole foods and junk food? Do you define the quality of what you eat by the ingredients, the fat
content, and how much the food has been processed?

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Keys to Dieting Success

Consistency. Even if you keep strictly to the thirty-day program, your weight loss will not always be consistent. Many people lose as much as five to ten pounds of weight in the first week or two.
This is simply “water weight,” and not weight lost from fat burning. Over the days and weeks you will experience accelerated weight loss, which, at times, will plateau. The key to this program is to remain consistent.

Keep it simple. Monitor your portions and chew your food well.
Never eat less than twelve hundred calories a day unless you are fasting under the supervision of a physician or nutritional consultant. Be consistent in your meals and snacks as well as with the herbs and supplements.
Keep a food diary. If you think that you are keeping strictly to the program and are not losing weight, it may be time to take a closer look at you trouble spots. Keep a list of what, where, how, and when you eat. Do you eat more when you are angry, lonely, or sad? If so, you may need to find an outlet for this emotional stress that is not related to eating. This is where Bach Remedies come into play. At least one of the Bach Remedies will match your emotional needs, whatever your emotional issues concerning your weight. Review all of the remedies and see which one works best for you.

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